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Filezilla makes a stand

Do you remember File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? A blast from the past out there for some of you taking in to consideration the great lengths technology has taken to give us a whole host of options to transfer files. Well, you know what they say – old school is gold. The truth of the matter is that FTP is still hands down the best way to transfer files from PC to PC. Firezilla is an Open Source FTP/SFTP client which gives FTP that helping hand to compete with the rest of the file transfer tools currently available. And it is worth your time to download Firezilla for the simple reason that it works. Get the Firezilla standalone where you can save the offline Firezilla version to be later used as and when is convenient to you.Firezilla standalone is very convenient and puts you in control.

What to expect

The features you can look forward to when you download Firezilla is a site manager which is very user-friendly. It allows you to store all connection details. Furthermore, you can get an overall assessment of all the folders – both local and remote. These can be customized as in accordance to your personal preferences. Another extra bonus which should be well noted revolves around the strong support given primarily to the support for firewalls and proxy connections as well as SSL, etc. These are a few of the popular features you can look forward to when you do download Firezilla and get it running on your system.

Smiles all around

Many happy users would label Firezilla as the marked bar of quality in relation to all FTP clients namely due to its extreme compatibility with any FTP server. Another huge advantage lies in its ability for portable application which has been met with great appreciation by the majority of users out there.

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