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C# Web Scraping Library

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A C# Web-Scraper Class which can be extended to extract content from any website

The web-scraper for C# allows .Net developers to create logical that extract content from web applications and turn it into JSON spreadsheets C# objects or even SQL using simple C# and Linq code.Iron WebScraper is a web scraping library for the .Net 4.5 and Core platform which allows developers to use clean simple logic to reverse any web resource back into C# objects or SQL. It can extract pages using set-by-step (if-this-then-that) workflows effortlessly scraping and parsing html javascript xml RSS pdfs and office documents on the internet or local intranets back into useful structured data.This leaves the developer with clean efficient web-scraping applications which are easy to understand and debug.The C# Web Scraping Library is extremely polite ensuring that no domain or IP address has too many concurrent requests. It intelligently throttles both client and server side looking for excessive CPU usage and slowing to an appropriate pace. In addition it can obey robots.txt directives including bot specific crawl rates and limitation. The exact urls and content types to be strapped can be set using logical workflows and regexwildcard rules.Screen-scraping is made easier with identity control automatically managing threads rate limits urls duplicates retries proxies headers and cookies into a an army of virtual browser which can mimic human behavior and even client buttons fill in forms or log in behind security walls. This is useful for migrating legacy systems populating enterprise search facilities and for statistical competitive analysisFull documentation support and downloadable DLLS for the C# Web Scraper are available from http:ironsoftware.comcsharpwebscraper in addition to links to a .Net 4.5+ Nuget package with full Azure and Mono compatibility.

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  • C# Web Scraping Library
    C# Web Scraping Library

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TitleC# Web Scraping Library

AuthorThe Iron Web Scraper Development Team

File NameIronWebScraper.

File Size1001.3 kb

RequirementsWindows C# Development Environment such as Visual Studio Community 2015 or newer.

Supported OSWin2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 10,WinServer,WinOther,WinVista,WinVista x64



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