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Download Avira free antivirus
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Avira makes some noise

The best way to put it is that considering you can download Avira antivirus program for free, you are getting a nifty little program. Although there maybe a lot left to desire after you download Avira or Avira standalone, be assured it is a sight better than being left to your own systems frail and limited security measures.

It should probably go without saying that Avira did not exactly match its commercial peers in the tests. However, having said that, it still proved to be a compatible antivirus program which operated smoothly and at times, very effectively to eliminate any threat to the system. It is just as easy to download the Avira offline version which you can save on your computer and continue setup at your own convenience.

The strong back-up

Although Avira might not live up to its moore commercial competitors, it is worth bringing into notice that out of the twelve tests designed by Virus Bulletin, Avira did compete nine times. And each time, Avira was awarded with the VB100 certificate. Not bad for a freebie!

Whenever assessing an antivirus, the experts usually read into three areas of concern; protection, performance and usability. Each factor should be examined fully to assess how well the antivirus program measures up. If you do decide to download Avira, you will be pleased to know that this particular antivirus program scored very highly in each category.

But what you do need to look out for is that Avira does not perform so well when it comes to those irritating malware which can be very detrimental to your system.

One of the new forms of attack you have to be aware of these days is a new type of malware attach through threatening websites. Fortunately, Avira is fairly well equipped to deal with this problem but not to perfection.

It’s a wrap

The thing to be clear is to take a realistic approach. Bear in mind that Avira antivirus is a free program which functions fairly efficient and can give you fair peace of mind, if you don’t want to burn a whole in your pocket. The best idea is to get Avira standalone, save the Avira offline version on your computer and use it until you can fish out for a commercial antivirus program. Or have it as a backup in case something should go wrong. Remember – backups are always a good idea and Avira is a good bet to have.

  • Download Avira free antivirus
    Download Avira free antivirus

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