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AVG antivirus is a formidable program which has had great reviews all round. Millions of people worldwide download AVG or they opt for the offline AVG version via the download of AVG standalone. Not only is it free, it works extremely well and is very efficient. Should you decide to download AVG you will come to notice how it delivers the option to work on five specific areas which include:

  • Computer
  • Web
  • Email
  • Firewall

When you download AVG, you will see how effectively it works throughout each category named above. The simple colour coded display gives a quick indicator as to the strength of security in each field. It is on that knowledge, you are able to work to rectify the problem in your own terms through the options offered to you through AVG.

Features full marks all around

AVG has been run through the mill, inside and out. And it hasn’t failed to impress. The scan time is on par with some of the best AVG antivirus programs out there. When you do go to the option Scan, you will find a whole set of options available for your added convenience. From timed scans to specified locations, AVG can do as you command.

Following on from that, AVG has also proven its effectiveness against cumbersome malware. It readily detects these subtle little programs before they can cause too much damage to your system. Once detected, AVG informs you promptly and allows you to take your desired action against it. AVG also effectively protects against Phishing websites which are set up to steal your login credentials.

The top of the heap

Ultimately, AVG has not failed to impress. With its excellent results and good user interface, many more users are ready to download the infamous AVG standalone for added convenience as well as directly being ready to download AVG itself. Its success is well versed and has caught the eye of millions worldwide.

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