The 5 notable reveals during the Xbox E3 2017 event

Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed a number of exciting news at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 Briefing. The event is part of the E3, the mega gaming extravaganza. The event takes place every year and this time it is taking place on June 13-15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Microsoft was the first of the 3 video game console manufacturers to hold their yearly media event prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo. While their new gaming console was the show stealer, there were other exciting stuff unveiled by Microsoft as well.

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1. The Xbox One X

The world’s most powerful gaming console, Xbox One X has been finally revealed by Microsoft. The console will have a price tag of $499 and has the power to play native 4K resolutions as well as making games load faster and improved visuals.

2. Where is VR?

Last year a Microsoft montage for the then-named Project Scorpio explained how the device would support VR virtual reality. All expected that the gaming giant would be eager to share some details on how Xbox One X would work with VR. But no news came up. according to an analyst:

Microsoft’s lack of VR coverage at its press event underlines that VR remains a niche pursuit and that it won’t be rolling out headset support until at least 2018

3. Xbox will support older games

Microsoft touted backward compatibility. The Xbox One was capable of playing older Xbox 360 games and now you can add that to the original Xbox to the list.

4. Huge changes coming to Minecraft

The hefty block-building game will introduce cross-platform play. It implies that players on any device including iPhone, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or any other running the game can play together. At the same time, the news Minecraft would support 4K which will provide more realism for the player like water looks much more realistic, while lighting is more dynamic.

5. We viewed the next Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Origins, Ubisoft's flagship action franchise showing the battle between a league of assassins and the Templars was the game that remained most prominent. The firm is to take us all the way to Egypt this time. There are tons of exciting features of this game that were revealed at E3. There is going to a bird companion that would send out to scout areas, pointing out enemies or key targets, horseback riding, sailing, RPG play and much more.