Must Have Apps for Your New Android Smartphone

If you have recently got your first Android smartphone, it is time to look for a handful of the most important apps that would make your device more valuable. While the choice of the apps vary by the needs and preferences of the users, there are some apps that have universal appeal. So most users need them without thinking twice considering that they are very basic apps. I have hunted some of the must have apps that you must download and install on your new android smartphone straightaway.

1. Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts is another essential app for your android smartphone. Made by Google, this new app makes it easy for families to easily keep track of one another. It can be particularly very useful during emergencies. You can keep tabs on a select list of approved users or broadcast your own location to that same group using this great app. In case someone manually requests a location, you can manually approve/disapprove that request, or Trusted Contacts will automatically broadcast the site after 5 minutes.

2. Google Photos

Without doubt this is one of the most important apps that you need to get for your new android phone. Offering unlimited photo backups for free, Google Photos is a great app for all android users. Its automatic backups offer a fantastic way to keep peace of mind if your device may break as you’ll have all of your photos and videos up in the cloud so you can access them on your next phone.

3. Android Auto

Almost all people drive with their smartphones. They offers a number of benefits while driving such as listening to music or navigation. But it is not safe to use your smartphone you are driving. Google came up with Android Auto some years back allowing us to use some of the functions of the phone on your car’s dashboard. The same interface is now available on your smartphone directly. Android Auto on your phone pulls the same interface seen on cars and makes it fit on your smartphone. With the help of this app you can interact with other apps such as Google Maps, your phone dialer without really getting distracted.

4. Pulse Messenger

While there are tons of SMS clients on Google Play, just some offer any real-world benefit over the one that comes pre-loaded on your smartphone. On the other hand, Pulse Messenger transforms that. This superb messenger brings an attractive, material-inspired UI which is fully customizable and easy to learn. It makes a great choice as a standard SMS client. Pulse works across platforms seamlessly and this is what makes it outstanding app. You can send and receive messages (by signing into your account) from one phone number on any of your devices.


This app makes it easy to connect several web services together, but on Android it offers more benefits. You can integrate IFTTT with a number of services such as Pocket, Spotify, Todoist, etc. but the Android app can act as a “service” also. So it be used in many applets. Muting your phone automatically when you need to sleep, turning on your wifi automatically when you return home and more, these are just some of the possibilities.

6. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is one of the most amazing android apps. The cross-platform app enables you to easily push files, photos, and links between a number of devices. But that is not all. This app can also use “channels” to push RSS feeds as notifications to your device. Its ability to mirror your device’s notifications to Google Chrome and even mirror SMS messages on your PC or tablet is what makes this app truly great.

7. PhotoScan

PhotoScan is also worth installing on your android smartphone. It can take your favorite old, printed pictures and create digital scans of the photo with the help of your smartphone’s camera and back those shots up to Google Photos. In case you have some old photos you wish to backup to your Google Photos library, this app can really work.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

You must also not forget to install Google Opinion Rewards on your new android smartphone. This wonderful app literally pays to have it. With the help of a various surveys, Opinion Rewards can pay you in Google Play credit for just answering some short questions.