Best Fonts for Typesetting

If you are to print your book it is must to select the most suitable font. Books are a classic print format and one that is still very popular despite of e-versions or online readings on websites. That is why they must have tried-and-tested typefaces which are easy to read, beauty, simple as well as interesting. There are plenty of options that you can find when it comes to finding the best fonts for your next volume. Here are 5 of the best fonts that you can count on without thinking twice. These fonts are simple yet they are extremely useful as they are easy on the eyes and also beautiful.

1. Sabon


If you are writing a romantic fiction and looking for a suitable font, Sabon is the one you can count on. The font stands for femininity and elegance in abundance. This serif is clear, clean and simple having a definite touch of grown-up romance. Sabon can help you set the romantic tone to complement your work.
Download Sabon

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2. Baskerville


If your book is a literary fiction, this font can be the best option for you. A ‘transitional’ serif typeface, Baskerville draws from its old-style predecessors and brings together classic and modern style in a great way. It is very stylish and intellectual as well as highly readable. The font is great set at small size that is why it makes a great option for literary fiction typesetting.
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3. Caslon


If you are looking for a perfect font for academic non-fiction here is the best option for you. Caslon is ideal for set journals, encyclopaedias, text books and articles. The subtleness of the font can convince any reader of its intellectual value. Adobe’s update has rendered a touch of modernity and enhanced digital adaptability of the font without compromising on the grace of the 18th Century original.
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4. Utopia


A font that is just meant for general interest, Utopia is perfect option for those looking for a safe font. Just as general interest books need to present factual information or opinion in a readable way the font you choose need to be well balanced. Typesetting devotees will surely turn to a loyal serif for the job and Utopia is presents the perfect balance that they need.
Download Utopia

5. Garamond


Garamond is the best font for thrillers and airport page-turners. It is a very popular typesetting option which is used across all types of paperbacks that cannot be put down. The font is well known for its versatility, easy-to-digest classic typeface. Based on the Roman typefaces of Claude Garamond, the updated version of the font has 6 weights.
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