5 Most Powerful Ways to Do Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO, ways to do keyword research is one of the most challenging and important things to do. It is one of the best SEO practices as well. The small pieces of information help you really stand out in the crowd and keywords ensure the success of your website after all by offering the right information to the right audiences.

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Nowadays, many SEO marketers tend to ignore this essential aspect. Why? Well may by for the reason that you cannot win users for your website only through keyword research. It is imperative to delve deeper and find out all uses are searching and search engines are indexing.

The Importance of Keyword Research

While things for keyword research may have transformed, it does not mean its real significance has ended. There are plenty of ways to do keyword research and reasons that can help you have a better idea why keyword research matters.

• Firstly, keyword research enables you to identify and optimize the content for your target audience.
• You can focus your page’s content on a single topic, and it also becomes easy to figure out new topics.
• They help you have deep insight into consumer decision making process.
• They help you set micro and macro goals once you finalize your keywords.
• By carrying out proper research you can determine your first and second priority keywords.

Here are 5 most powerful ways to do keyword research that can help you carry out your keyword research and enjoy the best outcomes.

1. Join Twitter and Reddit to get to know the trends

Using Twitter and Reddit is always useful. These sources never run out of information so they always work. They can help you find topics that receive a lot of user engagement. All you need to do is to join in to your Twitter account and check out the left side where you will able to see the top Twitter trends. It is also possible to customize the top trends as per your targeted location. Just click on “change”, enter your desired location and the website will show the top tweets of that location instantly. You can also use Reddit, and choose among “hot”, “new”, “rising” etc. tabs to find out the trending reddits.

2. Identify keywords with high CPC

Keywords with high CPC generate the most conversions. Optimizing your website for such keywords is sure to do wonders. High CPC basically show that advertisers are willing to pay more for their ads to display for a particular keyword. Google Adwords can help you in this regard and allow you to identify keywords that have the low search volume but high Cost Per Click (CPC).

3. Set up Site Search

This is another great way to do keyword research. Site search basically allows you to get data about the search terms that the users enter when they look for a thing on your website. This can be of great value for E-commerce stores. You can discover the words that users enter when they are looking for the exact product. After you get the data, you can create specific pages or optimize your overall website with ease to boost conversions.

To set up site search:

1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
2. Navigate to a view in which you want to set up Site Search and click “View Settings”.
4. Set “Site Search Tracking” to ON below “Site Search Settings”.
5. In the “Query Parameter”, write the word or words that designate an internal query parameter, like “term, search, query”.
6. Click “Save Changes”.

To see the site search data:

1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
2. Navigate to your desired account, property, and view.
3. Choose the “Reporting” tab.
4. Select Behaviour & Site Search.

4. Explore Q&A sites

Q&A sites such as Yahoo and Quora are wonderful ways to do keyword research. They help you find long tail question-based search queries. Using them you can look for unlimited number of questions that user ask for prior to choosing a specific product.

To do this: 1. Browse Q&A sites to find questions people ask often. 2. Create blog posts that answers the questions. 3. Keep it simple and go in depth with your answers to capture more long tail search traffic. 4. Use images and videos to turn your content into the most comprehensive resource for that topic. 5. Promote the article on Q&A sites, forums, and social media.

5. Extract keywords from competitors’ pages

Page Comparison is a very effective and easy tool that helps to compare two or more pages. It is a great on page analyzer that compares the occurrence of keywords and allows you to analyze other crucial on page basics such as the title tag and the H1 tag.

Take for example content of the couple of top websites that are ranking for the keyword “buy jewelry online”. It could be Amazon and the Jabong. You can use the Page Comparison Tool to compare the what both sites have to display and extract the keywords out of it.

The Final Word

Remember that only if you want best way to do keywords researches you can enjoy unlimited results or else it may hamper the success of your whole marketing campaign. These 5 ways that we have talked about on top can provide you with just the results you have been striving for. So do exploit them before you make the next move. You will be amazed how they can help you identify the right keywords that can be ideal for perking up more and more traffic and conversions.