5 Great Winter Apps

Cold season certainly effects your mood as well as your energy level. In fact, it even has an impact on your productivity. I am sure most of you would feel slow or low while it snows and you might feel sad at times as well without any reason as such. Yes, winter can really drag you down. So how to stay active and cheerful while the winter last? Well, there is no need to head to a tropical site and take a break. There are number of others smart ways to boost your mood and conquer the winter blues. I came across some wonderful apps that can really help to fight the winter blues and make the most of the dreary months. Thanks to the smartphones that have made it all possible. You really don’t have to spend much or not spend at all as many of these apps are free. I have collected for of the great winter apps for both iOS as well as android users for this purpose.

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1. Sunrise Sunset (Free) – Android

During the winter season it may seem at times as the season would never end. You can take the help of the Sunrise Sunset app that would serve as a daily reminder that spring is not too far. The winter app basically shows you the sunrise and sunset times for your location. So with the help of great winter app you can see the days are getting longer as warm weather approaching which is a great reminder. You will then not feel sad or hopeless that your life is stuck in the snowy weather and look forward to the lovely spring time.

2. Dark Sky (Free) – iOS

Winter means a time of the year when the weather is going to be hard. Any weather app will help you have the daily and weekly forecast but Dark Sky is one of a kind. How? This winter app basically goes one step further by providing hyperlocal, super-short-term forecasts for rain and snow, with a minute-by-minute approximation for when the next storm will start. You can check these short-term forecasts up to an hour in advance. So it means that with the help of this app you have time to duck out to grab lunch or head to the grocery store, and you stay dry throughout the winter.

3. Rumgr (Free) – iOS

No matter if you are your home or office, having clutter around can make the winter blues even more stressful. A deep clean may help you feel happier and more productive. This app can help you clear out unwanted junk. Interesting, it may even help you make a few bucks in the process. Rumgr allows you to broadcast items you wish to sell to your friends and others. You must have a fair idea that selling has become earlier as well as faster nowadays compared to managing anonymous emails. You can thus unclutter your space and get back to the stuff that matters to you in real.

4. Mindfulness ($1.99) – iOS

We all know that extreme winter conditions may lead to delays and unsafe driving conditions. Mindfulness is a concept derived from Buddhist meditation that's been shown to decrease anxiety and stress. With the help of Mindfulness app you can practice it and reap its benefits. You can walk through guided meditation sessions, focusing on your breath and reflecting on your present thoughts, feelings and sensations. In other others, this great winter app reminds you to pause for a few minutes throughout the day to meditate, giving you a break from the stress of the season.

5. f.lux (Free) – iOS

Having a good night’s sleep is one simple way to reduce your stress and boost your productivity in the winter. Many people continue to use their phones or their laptops even late at night which may affect their productivity during the day. According to studies, blue light emitted from electronic screens can really keep you tossing and turning. So the best idea to get over this problem is to spend at least an hour away from your laptop, smartphone or tablet before you go to bed. However, that is not all. Remember to install f.lux (iPhone users) and Lux (Android users). This amazing and great winter app slowly warms the color temperature of your screen during the evening that helps to lessen strain on your eyes and eventually helps you fall asleep faster.

These fantastic and great winter apps worked well for me and I am sure that they can do the trick for you as well. So dread the winter blues anymore and simply get these handful of apps that can help you beat the cold season and make the waiting period for the spring to arrive more pleasant and less stressful. If one of these may not appeal you, there must be another that you would find cool enough for winning winter blue!