5 App Development Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Are you planning to develop your first app? Whether you are a new developer who has yet to launch his or her first app or one who has long been developing apps or games, there are some pitfalls that are common to most developers. If you look out for these pitfalls you can certainly come up with better apps and games. Developing an app is indeed a wide project involving various aspects including controlling scope, budget issues etc. In addition, the entire process also a number of resources like designers, analysts, testers, and others. That is why its essential to ensure that you don’t make any mistake and carry out the entire project smoothly.

In this article I’m going to talk about 5 common pitfalls that developers need to watch out for when they design an app.

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1. Tons of Features

It is never a great idea to present tons of features in a single app. Stuffing things in your app is no good as it tends to confuse the user. Your app should have a simple navigation having features that are essential. The reason is that additional features only serve to crowd the space. At the same time, if your app has very few features your app may appear to be less user-friendly. The best approach is to keep a balance and focus on your target audience. You should try to find out which features your audience want and then offer them the same.

2. Teams on Different Pages

Many times teams who are involved in an app development don’t tend to work closely. It is a pitfall that must be avoided. It is very important for the app development and designing team to work closely as the work will become smoother and more effective this way. Designers must understand the perspective of developers as developing and coding takes time. In the same way, developers need to understand a designer’s point of view and concerns. Teamwork always create synergies.

3. Not having a Good Marketing Strategy

Having prelaunch, launch and post launch strategies are indispensable if you are planning an app. The reason is that people must get to know that you are there. For this purpose, there are many things that you can do. For example, you can use blogs, you can pitch your app to marketers, reviewers and social media influencers who can reach out to the masses.

4. Building for Many Platforms at the Same Time

While it may seem a great idea to build your app for multiple platforms at the same time, remember that it is not the right approach. Why? Well, when you start building for multiple platforms together the cost of engineering increases and that calls for additional time as well. After an app is finalized on a single platform, you can move on to the other platforms.

5. Not having a reliable Project Manager

For beginners, a project manager acts as a binding force, a single point of contact for all the information you need. A reliable and experienced project manager can lead the entire team as he or she knows about everything that is going on and at what stage. He can manage all the variables and crises and in the end helps you save more time and money.