25 Must Have Fonts for Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are very conscious about design. For some design is all about simplicity while for others it's all about white space. There are some who are not clear about it and let their teams take care of it all. The importance of design for entrepreneurs is much since it’s about the impression of the brand. The main difference between a well-designed work and poorly designed one is the choice of the font. That is why selecting the right fonts for a project is indispensable. If you are not willing to spend $60 to $200, there is nothing to worry as there are plenty of options when it comes to fonts which you can get without having to investment a single penny.

You must have seen many great fonts but do you know that they call for lot of effort on the part of the designers? That is why most of the greatest fonts are not free of cost. But does not mean there are no free choices out there that can help you greatly in your work. Interestingly there are many designers who are generous enough to make great fonts available for free. Here are 25 great fonts that can be great for businessmen and entrepreneurs who wish to add a touch of class to their designs without spending anything at all.

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1. Montserrat


A great modern font, Montserrat pairs well with very thin font. It can add to the beauty of any design when it is laid over a background image that is high-resolution.
Download Montserrat

2. Langdon


An easy to read font, Langdon is a friendly typeface that can be great for various purposes. Consider this font for headlines in particular as it combines well with cursive typefaces.
Download Langdon

3. Rex


Rex features sharp angles. This font has 3 weights which can be great for logos and paragraph headings.
Download Rex

4. Franchise


Franchise is a friendly, bold display font that looks great on the web, particularly in infographics.
Download Franchise

5. Infinity


If you belong to healthcare industry, Infinity can be a great font for you. This is a thin font having a friendly yet sophisticated look.
Download Infinity

6. Nougatine


An extraordinary font that is inspired by retro, make sure you check out Nougatine font as well. It combines strong capital letters with creative cut-out forms which makes it one of a kind.
Download Nougatine

7. Silverfake


If you wish to make the most of the best retro fonts, Silverfake can be just right for you. It offers a great retro feel and combines well with modern, bolder fonts as well.
Download Silverfake

8. Code Pro

Code Pro

Code Pro can be a perfect font for entrepreneurs as well as designers. The font is available in various weights and a number of styles. It can be a great option for almost all designs requirements such as tech startup websites, logos, leaflets, restaurant menu and more.
Download Code Pro

9. Weston


This font presents movie from 30s as well as a Wild West "most wanted" look at the same time. It can be great for various businesses seeking an old unique style and can be great if you mix it with a thin, modern typeface.
Download Weston

10. Raleway


If you wish to know the secret of a designer consider Raleway. When you need to come up with something that feels elegant you should opt for the thinnest font possible such as this font. It is available in various sizes, from hairline thin to bold black. Raleway thus makes a great option for a number of company branding needs.
Download Raleway

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11. Vincent


This font has strong characters and creative forms. For this reason Vincent makes a great option for businesses that call for serious yet approachable emotions at the same time.
Download Vincent

12. Domine


If you are looking for a classic font you must not miss out on Domine. It's bolder compared to the typical paragraph font, which makes it a great option for big, attractive headlines.
Download Domine

13. Hagin


Try Hagin in your next retro-themed project. It can create bold headlines and its unique serifs set it apart from most classic fonts.
Download Hagin

14. Aleo


Aleo is one of the most versatile free fonts I've ever encountered. It comes in six styles, all available in italics, so designers will have an easy time finding the right match for just about any project.
Download Aleo

15. Lato


Lato works hard for startups in pursuit of that friendly yet sophisticated aura. It pairs nicely with just about any serif font, such as Aleo and Lora.
Download Lato

16. Dosis


Dosis can be a great font for tech firms. It has softer, rounded corners, which makes it a great alternative to typical tech fonts. It can be used for other design projects as well owing to its versatility.
Download Dosis

17. Abel


Abel offers a great combination between a tech font and a modern typeface. While just one weight of font is there, this font can be just right for headlines and paragraph text.
Download Abel

18. Calendas Plus

Calendas Plus

Calendas is reminiscent of classic fonts like Garamond and Georgia but possesses a bit of a unique personality of its own.
Download Calendas Plus

19. Lora


If you want your startup to be taken seriously, try Lora. It has a classic vibe and is incredibly legible even in very small sizes.
Download Lora

20. Farrerons Serif Light

Farrerons Serif Light

This is an exciting font that can be ideal for blocks of texts as well as headings. It has a highly creative feel. You must take into consideration for off-line print projects.
Download Farrerons Serif Light

21. Odin Rounded

Odin Rounded

Odin Rounded is a Norse design-inspired retro font that works surprisingly well in tech-oriented projects.
Download Odin Rounded

22. Lintel


This is another font that is wonderful for designers as well as entrepreneurs. Its thin, strong features makes it a great option for fashion startups. Lintel can also be perfect for tech companies.
Download Lintel

23. Adam


This is a modern and bold font that can be another great choice for entrepreneurs. Adam is easy to read and can be great for website headings as well as navigation bars.
Download Adam

24. Droid Serif

Droid Serif

This font is perfect for long blocks of text and is also very easy to read. Droid Serif offers the perfect mixture of soft and hard serifs in order to give it an extraordinary personality of its own.
Download Droid Serif

25. Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab

This font can be used for endless types of designs for headlines as well as paragraphs. Roboto can be great for off-line publications as well.
Download Roboto Slab