15 Top Script Fonts

Script fonts are beautiful typefaces which look like handwritten letters and have calligraphic lettering styles. Some of these fonts are elegant while others look more informal. Script fonts can be connected, semi-connected or unconnected. Those that are connected are designed with a careful approach in order to make sure that each letter flows into the next smoothly, which gives them more of a handwriting style. Script fonts are mostly used for headings, invitations, or for advertising purpose.

There are tons of script font options that are available and can be downloaded for free. Here are some of best options I have picked for you.

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1. Freebooter Script

Freebooter Script

An elegant yet extravagant script font, here is a great choice for you to enjoy. Designed by Apostrophic Labs, this font has a single style that comprises more than 200 glyphs. However, Freebooter Script comes with a set of alternate characters as well.

2. Alex Brush

Alex Brush

This one is a connected, brush-script font. It is designed by TypeSETit and can be great for formal purposes. Alex Brush comes in a single style having more than 250 glyphs.

3. Great Vibes

Great Vibes

This is an elegant script font that has a calligraphy-style script font. Designed by TypeSETit every letter is crafted in order to link to the other in a stylish way no matter what word you pick to type. Great Vibes has a single style with more than 400 glyphs.

4. Lobster


A script font by Impallari Type, this is another great font that is worth experimenting with. The studio has invested much time designing it in order to make it as connected as it can be so that every letter transitioned smoothly to the next naturally. Lobster has a single style with more than 300 glyphs.

5. Allura


Another stylish elegant script font, Allure is worth checking out. It is designed by TypeSETit, it comes has a single style with more than 350 glyphs.

6. Kaushan Script

Kaushan Script

It is a modern script font with letters that have a calligraphic style. But on the whole it has a modern day appeal. Kaushan Script comes in a single style with more than 400 glyphs.

7. Pacifico


Pacifico is a connected script font which is a great choice in the world of script fonts as well. It is designed by Vernon Adams and features a retro appeal. The font basically looks like the typefaces used around America during the early 20th century. Pacifico comes in a single style with more than 200 glyphs.

8. Grand Hotel


This is a casual script which is inspired by the typeface used on the title screen of Cafe Metropole, a 1937 film. The font is designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky and Jim Lyles of Astigmatic. Grand Hotel comes in more than 350 glyphs and can be a great choice for those who wish to experience the best script fonts.

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9. Arizonia


It is a spiritedly elegant script font designed by TypeSETit. The font was inspired by the “flowing forms created by a sign painter’s camel hair brush.” Arizonia has a single style with more than 250 glyphs.

10. Sofia


A soft casual semi-connected script font, Sofia is as elegant as its name. The font is designed by Latinotype and has few letters connect in a stylish manner since it’s a semiconnected script font. Sofia has a single style with more than 200 glyphs.

11. Tangerine


Tangerine is a stylish calligraphic script font. Designed by Toshi Omagari, the font was inspired by the italic chancery typefaces that was used during the 16th and 17th centuries. Tangerine comes in 2 styles and has more than 200 glyphs each.

12. Black Jack


This is a casual script font featuring a brushed design. Designed by Typadelic, Black Jack makes a simple font with a single style and just more than 150 glyphs.

13. Lobster Two


Designed by Impallari Type, it is the lighter, more upright form of Lobster. Lobster Two has 4 basic styles with more than 350 glyphs.

14. Dancing Script OT

Dancing Script OT

Dancing Script OT is a casual script font which is crafted by Impallari Type. Inspired by typefaces, the font was used around the 1950s. This simple script font has a single style and more than 200 glyphs.

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15. Windsong


A condensed, calligraphic script, Windsong is also a great option for those who want the finest script fonts for invitations or other purposes. Designed by Bright Ideas, the font features as classic calligraphic style which looks like historical writing. Windsong has a single style with more than 250 glyphs.