15 Things to Know About Wordpress

Do you know that WordPress is much more than a great tool for running a blog or regular website? Thanks to its open architecture which gives it lot more power than a CMS. It is actually the themes and/or plugins that help people enjoy the additional functionalities of WordPress. In this article I am going to present you with 15 uses of WordPress that you must not have known before (other than its regular usage of course). So are you ready to discover new secrets about WordPress?

1. Quora Look-alike

Quora is a site where you can ask questions for others to answer. QAEngine theme allows you to make a site similar to that. You can mark questions as answered, and answers can be up voted or selected as the best option.

2. Job Board

Another theme at EngineThemes is called Job Engine. It is in fact the best example of what WordPress is capable of doing. Due to its front-end controls, you don’t really need to use the WordPress Dashboard any longer. It has Ajax filtering, infinite scroll and a slicker than slick layout.

3. Forum

Do you know that WordPress can even work as forum software? The EngineThemes team managed to turn WordPress into a wonderful forum app using ForumEngine theme. It is actually an altered version of WordPress posts + comments, together with front-end controls and simple administration.

4. Amazon Shop

By combining WordPress with WooCommerce you can turn it into a great ecommerce solution. However, you could take it to a whole new level by adding Amazon as your supplier. You could begin selling without having to worry about your own stock. How? Well you just have to have Amazon Shop plugin and an Amazon affiliate account.

5. Directory

WordPress can also be used as directory, which is another use of themes where you can’t think the program is working. “Directory” theme not only enables you to make an impressive homepage, but includes a number of particular directory features on it’s listing pages as well.

6. Coupon Site

Coupon sites makes great way to generate affiliate commissions, if you don’t use shady strategies to draw in visitors. AppThemes came up with a fantastic theme called Clipper which offers advanced level integrated coupon management.

7. Twitter Look-alike

Generally called as “Twitter for WordPress”, the P2 theme is a superb way to allow short communication in teams or companies. It’s the theme Automattic use themselves for internal communication. Because of its inline commenting, a person can post on a topic, after which others can respond with ease.

8. Issue Tracking

Quality Control theme makes wonderful use of WordPress functionality by turning it into a quality control tool. Posts become a problem and comments work as status updates. It has an integrated ticket system that you can filter on status, priority, or milestone. Not just this, it even allows for assigning tickets to a particular user.

9. Booking System

Booking System Pro is a booking plugin that can be used for a number of different sites. It can be used within hotels for room or location bookings. Restaurants can also make use of it for table reservations. You can configure in numerous ways such as hotel room booking with features like late checkout. If you join it with WooCommerce you will be able to accept payments for bookings too.

10. Memberships

Membership plugins are without doubt some of the most sought after plugins for WordPress. Due to WordPress’ simpler user system, it’s very easy to combine it with different membership levels. If you add some payment options to it, it will help you sell memberships. s2Member plugin can protect your entire website. It may even enables for pay-per-article. And the best part is that it is free.

11. Classified Ads

ClassiCraft theme can help you convert WordPress into a classified ads site which is still something very popular. The theme offers lot of usability, and provides a number of ways of monetizing your site by extending premium ads. In addition, it helps you see a map alongside each listing as well as a contact form.

12. Real Estate

This real estate theme Real Homes allows for a Google Map with objects for sale or for rent. There are many ways of filtering the properties, and the listing page itself is something that is truly outstanding. It allows you to put up the property agent’s information, or use a contact form.

13. Customer Feedback

AppThemes team created a theme called Ideas which was designed for collecting customer feedback, allowing users to submit an idea for others to vote on. Developers can filter by the most popular ideas to work on, and having the power to comment on it instantly.

14. YouTube Look-alike

Though no theme gives you the identical look of YouTube, Video Pro theme is one that provides you with many ways to show your videos and improve engagement. YouTube itself allows for direct uploading of videos, but offering that on your own site isn’t possible. This theme, however, has the option to submit any link visitors prefer. It means that you can incorporate the video into your site straightaway. It also offers extended sharing and liking features.

15. Support Desk

There are a number of knowledge base themes out there but with SupportPress theme you can even have your own ticketing system. You can also benefit from the ability to allow chat functionality (plugin based). It is possible to include documentation, FAQs and an integrated forum as well, all in a single theme.