10 Top VR Gears for Your Kids

Virtual reality is trending. From entertainment to education, VR is touching upon all that is under the sun. As the holidays are approaching, a virtual reality headset can be one of the best presents for your kid. If you have no clue about the VR gears and what would make the best option for your kid I can guide you through the various devices that are available on the market. From Google's affordable Cardboard VR viewer to Sony's latest PlayStation VR, I have compiled a comprehensive list of VR gears that will help you make the best pick for your kids considering their need and interest as well as your budget.

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What exactly are Virtual Reality Gears?

Virtual reality gears are handheld devices that provide 3D views and the feeling of being in a different place altogether. The lenses of the VR gear work by enhancing the depth of animation but you cannot interact with your environment. In order to use these devices you have to download VR apps (android or iOS). Once you download the app, simply launch it and insert your smartphone into the device. Most VR headsets use your phone's button or another basic input to control the action.

Key Features of VR Gears

• These devices are compatible with all smartphones and iOS or Android VR apps.
• These gadgets are great for playing games and for educational content.
• They help you experience more like a 3D movie than true VR.

Here are some of the VR gears for kids that you can pick for your kids to help them enjoy great gaming or learning experience and make the most of their holidays


1. Google Cardboard ($14.99)

Google Cardboard

Cardboard by Google is one the cheapest VR gears you can get your hands on. It is actually made of cardboard. This handheld device gives you a great chance to experience virtual reality in a unique way. You can use Google Cardboard with any smartphone and iOS or Android VR apps.

2. Samsung Gear VR ($99)

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is particularly designed for Samsung phones. This device includes an input pad on the side of the headset and works with bluetooth controllers. The virtual reality device works with Gear VR-compatible games and provide a comfy and exciting experience altogether to the users.

3. Google Daydream View ($79)

Google Daydream View

Made by Google, Daydream view is a fantastic VR gear that is made of fabric. It has very lightweight plush headset which is ideal for Google's Daydream VR platform that includes Daydream-compatible phones, apps, and controllers. The device comes with a controller and a range of games, educational content, and streaming services.

4. View-Master Virtual Reality ($29.99)

View-Master Virtual Reality

If you want a VR device for learning rather than entertainment, this one can be your best bet. The View-Master is available in a range of packages that which gives you a chance to explore space, wildlife, dinosaurs and more. Each pack has insertable picture reels. View Master virtual reality is compatible with most smartphones and View-Master iOS or Android apps.

5. Merge VR Goggles ($79)

Merge VR Goggles

This VR headset is made of flexible foam and has audio ports and dual input buttons which makes game controls very easy. It works with most VR apps.

6. VR Kix Virtual Reality Headset ($49.99)

VR Kix Virtual Reality Headset

VR Kix Virtual Reality Headset is another gear that is worth mentioning. It has individually adjustable lenses, a comfortable fit, and a smartphone tray which can be customized to your phone. The device works with most VR apps.

7. SmartTheater Virtual Reality Headset ($19.99)

SmartTheater Virtual Reality Headset

This is another affordable VR headset that you can buy for your family or yourself. It is very comfortable and has adjustable lenses in addition to a head strap, and an easy-to-use trigger input. The device comes with a cardboard, handheld motion-controller. It works well with most smartphones and any VR apps.

8. PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

If your kid is a teenager you may want to get a VR gaming console for him/her. PlayStation VR headset works with the PlayStation 4. You could buy the PlayStation 4 Slim or a PlayStation 4 Pro and the PSVR. It VR headset offers an immersive, interactive VR experience. While the device is more expensive than VR gears, it is certainly worth it since it offers an experience far superior and engaging than others. However, you must remember that it is only compatible with Sony PlayStation. In addition, it may cause motion sickness considering it is completely immersive and interactive.

a. PlayStation VR Launch Bundle ($499.99). This VR gear includes all you need to turn your console into a VR device. You will get a camera, a headset, a camera, two motion controllers in addition to cables and a game.
b. PlayStation 4 Slim ($299.99). PlayStation 4 Slim is a slimmer version of the PS4. It offers improved graphics and a lighted controller. (PSVR sold separately)
c. PlayStation 4 Pro ($399.99). This one also has faster action in addition to improved graphics. The VR gear is optimized to work better with particular "Pro-Enhanced" games. (PSVR sold separately)

Those of you who are looking for the most powerful VR headsets for their kids may opt for the advanced virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. They are the ultra-powerful VR headsets that offer a completely immersive experience. But these headsets are very costly.

9. HTC Vive ($799)

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is a fantastic VR gear that provides a "room-scale experience." In case your children play on the Steam gaming network, they must have seen ads for the HTC Vive because it is made by the same manufacturer. Steam also offers some Vive-only games.

10. Oculus Rift ($599)

Oculus Rift

Another great VR gear, Oculus Rift comes with all to make virtual reality a real experience. You will get your hands on a remote, in addition to a headset, a sensor, cables, a game and an Xbox controller.

I am sure this list will help you choose the best VR gears for your kids to give them a holiday blast. Make sure you visit the website of the VR headset manufacturers to learn further details about the devices before you make up your mind. Good luck with you virtual reality hunt!